Friday, August 26, 2011


I switch up my mascaras every now and then but I find myself always going back to this masacara:  
                               FASIO HYPER-STAY DEEP TRICK-CURL VOLUME

This is the BEST. MASCARA. EVER. I've probably gone through 3-4 bottles of these. This not only lived up to my expectations, it exceeded them! It gives me that "false lash effect" and stays on forever. I even use this as my last coat when I use my crappy mascaras to seal everything in. No wasted product, No budging, No smudging.

Here's how that wand looks like:


  • very pigmented
  • lengthens my lashes
  • volumizes and makes my lashes look fuller
  • holds up curl really well
  • water-proof, smudge-proof, flake-proof. Perfect for the beach!!!
  • semi-dry formula
  • can double as a gel eye-liner
  • affordable. got this for 90hkd
  • hard to remove. It will only come off when I use oil-based make up removers such as Lancome's Bi-facil and Clinique's Take The Day Off
  • not locally available (paging Rustan's, please bring Fasio back)
  • hard to find. I could not find this line in Singapore. In HK, you can only find this in select Sasa stores. So I guess Japan is your best bet if you want to make pabili. 
  • Some might find the wand a tad too big for the lower lash line but you can always use those interdental brushes as a make-shift lower lashline mascara wand =)
Now for the "Before and After" photos:
*please excuse the bushy eyebrows

without mascara

with mascara

Big diff right?!? This mascara is <3!


  1. Such a huge difference. Now I badly wish Fasio is still available here. I used to like their 3D airtech mascara a lot.

  2. wow! that is a beautiful mascara. :) pretty. :) haven't tried any product from them tho.

  3. @pammy - you said it! i miss fasio and it was cheaper here compared to HK

    @myrted - japanese mascaras are the best! another good mascara is from the brand cybercolors. The wand is similar to awake's mascara =) I heard dollywink is good too!

  4. Your lashes look beautiful! I have never heard of this kind of mascara, but looks like it works well =)

  5. The brush one this mascara looks amazing, i hope we can follow back

  6. Lovely mascara! I'm really sad they pulled out Fasio here in the Philippines, back in college I used Fasio!!!

    THanks for following me :)

    Oh you should also try Bourjois! Haha love that brand!

  7. Yeah I really dont understand why they pulled Fasio out =( Their powder foundations are also great!

    Thanks for the reco! I also love that brand but I only have the blushes haha. Where do you get your Bourjois stuff?

  8. WOW! That is impressive!! I need to get me a mascara just like that.