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Hey everyone! So I'm reposting blogposts from my tumblr account: . Crossing my fingers! I hope this works because I just copy-pasted everything. har har. Here goes!
Hey everyone! So today I am going to be talking about my top 10 must-have products under 450 pesos (roughly $10). Well I actually have 11 products haha fooled ya! These are the top 11 items that I will be repurchasing over and over again not just because of its affordability, but also because of its quality and convenience.
I will also be posting mini reviews as I talk about the items like what the pros and cons are. No swatches though as I am still figuring out the settings of my camera. Please bear with me :)
So let’s begin!
1. Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette in Lust (#248)
I do not wear eyeshadow on a daily basis but when I need a smokey eye look, I usually reach for this palette. Notice I have not made a dent on any of the colors? That’s because these are so smooth and pigmented except for the topmost shadows (lilac and cream, which I find a bit chalky). A little goes a long way. I’ve used this both during daytime and for clubbing so it’s safe to say that this palette is very versatile. This is a staple in my travel make up kit!
Now on to the pros and cons:
  • mix of matte and shimmery shadows (left side: matte ; right side: shimmery)
  • very pigmented and blendable (even without a primer underneath)
  • very cheap! got this via ebay for less than 200php
  • this palette alone can create daytime looks and transition to nighttime dramatic smokey eyes
  • I have slightly oily lids and these did not crease on me
  • lilac and cream shades are a bit chalky but still useable 
  • I do not think our local Wet n Wild counters carry this palette
2. Jordana Eyeshadow Singles in French Toast (#108)
It looks yellow on the photo but it’s a champagne-y pinkish beige in actual. I use this for the inner 1/4 of my upper and lower lids.
  • uber inexpensive! got this from US Dollar Store for 99php for 3.3g
  • has the mini sponge tip applicator which comes in handy for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes
  • matches my skin tone quite well. I’ve used this to highlight the bridge of my nose and cheekbones
  • fall-outs but nothing intolerable
3. Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Singles in #15 (charcoal gray with shimmers)
I absolutely love this shadow! I find that after blending it out, it has brown undertones that omits the need to use a transition/crease color. I use this together with Jordana’s french toast when I’m in a hurry and KABOOM! insta-smokey eyes. 
  • available in all SM department stores. I forgot how much I got this for but I’m sure it was less than 150php. 2.2g
  • very handy. I am pretty sure this will fit all make up kits
  • multi-dimensional. like what I said earlier, it cuts out the process of putting a crease color because of the brown tones that shows up post-blending
  • photo-friendly. you know how some shadows turn out different in photos? I’ve had cases wherein my eyes look fine in person but then when I look at the pictures, my eyes look weird. NEVER experienced that with this eye shadow.
  • none
4. E.L.F. Studio Blush in Pink Passion (#10307)
Very very pretty cool-toned pink blush. I love how it suits my NC25-30 skin tone and I love that it is matte <3
  • very pigmented
  • cheap! got this at Target for $3 plus tax
  • instantly brightens up my complexion. perfect for daytime looks
  • matte. no hints of shimmer whatsoever. 
  • comes with a mirror
  • not well-pressed
  • Last time I checked, this particular color is not available in our local E.L.F. counters. 
5. Canmake Cream Cheek Blush in Coral Orange (#07)
This is a make up kit staple! Absolutely fool-proof!
I tend to shy away from cream blushes because 1) of its shorter shelf life 2) it tends to feel heavy on the cheeks 3) it makes me look oily. But after reading numerous reviews, I caved in and bought finally bought it. This by far is the best cream blush I’ve tried. It does not feel heavy nor does it make me look oily! Like what the name says, it is a coral with a very slight hint of pink.
  • applies cream but dries to a matte finish
  • has slight shimmers on the pan but does not show on my cheeks
  • super blendable; you can use this over powder and it will not cake
  • can be used alone or as a base for a powder blush
  • makes me look younger
  • multi-use; I’ve used this on my lips for that pinky nude lip and topped it with gloss
  • got this for 68hkd (around 400php)
  • not locally available but you can ask someone from SG or HK to get it for you. HK is cheaper fyi.
6. Ben Nye Red Neutralizer Concealer in No.2
This is the only concealer I can use both for my eyes and face that is under 450 pesos. 
  • got this for 375php via pool order
  • does not break me out
  • definitely neutralizes redness and covers any imperfections
  • does not crease/cake 
  • does not highlight my fine lines 
  • can be layered for a fuller coverage
  • not locally available
7. Saizen/Daiso Nose Shadow
Another make up kit staple.
I have the typical asian nose hence, I need a lot of contouring on that area. MAC’s Blushcreme in Cherche used to do the job in giving my nose a slight noselift but sadly, it’s discontinued. I was browsing by the beauty section of Saizen when this caught my eye and thought Id give it a shot. It has been love ever since. I use my fingers to apply it then just blend, blend, blend. 
  • only 85php at Saizen
  • perfect shade of brown on my skin
  • photographs well. I have tried different bronzers and eyeshadows to contour my nose and it always looks weird in photos. this. is. perfect.
  • comes with the matte white highlighter. I personally do not use it as I am not a fan of putting matte white highlighters on the bridge of my nose. I prefer skin-toned highlighters
  • none
8. Ever Bilena’s Matte Lipsticks in Mauvey and Off Beat Pink
Mauvey was a recent purchase but I am positive that this will be part of my forever favorite product list. Mauvey is pinkish nude when swatched while Off Beat Pink is a cross between a wearable pink and an in-your-face pink. It is a bit hard to describe but I think Off Beat Pink is a matte, lighter and pinkier version of NYX’s Fig. Did that make sense? hahaha 
  • Available at all Ever Bilena counters for only 145php
  • does not leave that disgusting white gunk on my inner lip
  • non-drying considering it is matte
  • cheap packaging; the “color indicator” part found on the top part of the lid tends to break off. this happened to both lipsticks
9. Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeliner in Black Noir (#651)
Maybe I am weird but I layer my eyeliners. This is the first thing I put when doing my FACE make up. I line my upper lash line with this then proceed with concealer, powder etc. I feel it makes my lashes appear fuller without the obvious line. 
Note that I use a different eyeliner when doing my EYE make up i.e. tight-lining, upper lash line (post eye shadow application) and lower lash line/inner lower rim 
  • cheap! got this on sale for 70cents + tax at Walgreens. I think our local  WnW counters sell this at 99php a pop
  • applies smoothly
  • good color payoff with just one swipe
  • smudges if I do not set it with powder
  • not water proof
10. Johnson & Johnson’s Fresh and Smooth Face Powder in Beige
I think I’ve gone through five of these already! This is one of the best setting powders ever! I just buy the refills cuz I’m cheap like that. 
  • available in all department stores. very affordable at 80+ pesos/refill (shown in picture)
  • does not change the color of my make up
  • keeps my face matte for at least 3 hours
  • not messy at all, unlike loose setting powders. perfect for travel!
  • none but some people might not like the packaging
and lastly…
11. Milani Sunset Duos in Sunset Beach (#03)
Another travel must have! The fact that this comes with a blusher that’s made to go along with the bronzer makes this perfect for travel! This photographs soooo well too! It makes me look like I have a natural glow.
  • got this at ebay for 170php. contains 11.7g. not bad, huh?
  • the glitters on the pan does not show once applied on my face
  • did not break me out
  • I can wear this with any eye look and not look like a clown
  • sturdy packaging; I’ve dropped this a few times and it’s still intact
  • not locally available
Whew! Blogging is time consuming! hahaha but FUN. Soo.. that’s it for my top 10 under Php450. Enjoy! 

So early this morning, I had to do my make up in the car because I was rushing late to an appointment when I realized my eyeliner was not in my make kit! Quick fix? I used my mascara as eyeliner. Yes. You read it right. Mascara as eyeliner and guess what?? IT WORKED. Here’s a mini tutorial on how I did it:
What you will need:
mascara *note: I’m using L’oreal Waterproof Voluminous for this turorial. I hate this mascara. I just want to use it up as I hate letting products go to waste.
any thin synthetic bristled brush
Step 1: Get a little bit of mascara gunk on your brush
Step 2: Apply like you would a gel liner
Voila! Defined eyes! Sorry for the crappy quality. I just used my laptop. Anywayyy, you get the picture haha Hope this helped!

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